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Huston Jost Funeral Home has available, for families if they choose, to present an online slide show of their loved one. This option is refered to as Photographic Memories. Please note that this is only shown if the family has elected to have this option available to online visitors. 

We have created a Photographic Memory for the life of Jane Smith. The Photographic Memories module, opens in another window and will start as soon as it loads.

Once the Photographic Memories module loads, you will have a window similar to the one shown below. You will see in the bottom left corner that we entered 3 pictures. 

You may pause on any photo, by selecting the pause button, as shown below.

To continue with the slide show select the continue button,
which continues the auto play, as shown below.


You may choose to go back to a previous photo, select the pause button,
then selects the back button, as shown below.

To proceed through the photo step-by-step, select pause, as describe above,
then select the next button as shown below.

To stop and close the window, select the stop and close button, as shown below.


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